About Us - Christle Limited

Spurred by the burning desire to manufacture quality products at competitive prices and to take control of his destiny, Christopher Garcia founded Christle Ltd. In spite of the turbulent social climate and challenging economic conditions prevailing at that time, the company was incorporated on January 11th 1989 as a limited company. Manufacturing immediately commenced at # 2 Gypsum Drive, Champs Fleurs and was then relocated to #18E O'Meara Industrial Estate, Arima for expansion of the plant. Today this stable, familiar location continues proudly, to house office, warehouse and manufacturing operations as well as laboratory testing and research facilities. The highest standards of safety and security are maintained to ensure a quality environment for staff which currently numbers twenty-five (25).

Initially manufacturing was limited to just three products, Battery Water, Pine Disinfectant and Dishwashing Liquid but consumer acceptance of the CHRISTLE BRAND and rapidly increasing demand, coupled with the need to effect greater distribution economies, encouraged a fast expansion of the product portfolio. This now embraces more than thirty different items for household and industrial applications, all of which undergo stringent quality control testing, prior to being labelled with the CHRISTLE BRAND- the name which implies USER GUARANTEE of the delivery of expected and continuously satisfactory results.

Utilizing effective distribution channels and a professionally trained, committed sales team, the company has achieved an enviable nationwide distribution servicing over 1,000 outlets. CHRISTLE products have become a familiar sight on the shelves of popular groceries, leading hard-wares and Auto Shops nationwide - a testimony to a well-deserved, positive product and service reputation. Growing export sales to the Caribbean Region are indicative of a strong future and growth trend for CHRISTLE LTD and its high quality, well-structured and competitively priced products.

Christle Ltd will be a major player in the production and distribution of chemical products, committed to the manufacture, sale and delivery of the highest quality products in Trinidad & Tobago and the Caribbean region.

To produce the highest quality innovative products for residential and commercial applications. To provide professional quality service to consistently meet customer and consumer requirements. To provide safe and comfortable operational and environmental facilities for staff in keeping with the best OSHA practices.

The board of Directors consists of Christopher Garcia, Managing Director the majority shareholder and two (2) of his sons Godfrey Garcia and Jonathan Garcia who have both assisted with the management, growth and continuity of the organization.

COMPANY PHILOSOPHY -The highest principles and ethical practices in dealing with all parties. -Quick responses to decision making process.